The Fishing School

The Fishing School

Creating Personal Development Goals


Our staff training is based on best practice for OST programs including safety, sound program delivery, parent and community engagement, and supporting a positive social/emotional climate for children. We also provide training on the use of technology-based tools to enhance academic interventions.

Among these are our online tutorial software, i-Ready; the use of Smart Boards; and NetSupport, software that allows instructors to monitor the progress of i-Ready lessons from a central computer. Staff and instructors also learn classroom management techniques, based on the evidence-based intervention, Positive Behavior Supports. Once hired, full-time staff participate in an intensive, week-long training and continue their professional development by attending at least three national-level conferences, webinars, and/or local workshops each year.

All staff creates personal development goals and are offered time to participate in additional training to support those goals. Based on these goals, we offer staff opportunities to attend additional professional development workshops or bring experts into our organization.

In this video, our instructional staff participate in an ice-breaking activity called, “What’s On Your Plate?” In this activity, staff were asked to share the most important parts of their lives with their colleagues. Using priorities as “food” on a plate, our staff were able to gain a better understanding of one another and build camaraderie as we head into this upcoming school year.

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