The Fishing School

The Fishing School

Ensuring a Successful Transition to High School

The core of TFS’ approach is the Cohort Model, a two-generational continuous commitment to children and their parents from 1st through 8th grades in which students are grouped into “cohorts” upon enrollment and progress through a multi­year program continuum together. We began serving 6th grade students in our Middle School pilot program in SY2014-15 and will strategically expand to serve students up to 8th grade. Our Cohort Model follows each child through critical benchmarks in their elementary school years and continues support through middle school to help ensure a successful transition to high school.

TFS is made up of four program components. TFS’ Elementary Afterschool Program builds academic and life skills to develop participants’ ability to attain their personal goals and create a foundation of academic and social success leading into middle school. The Middle School Program supports the critical needs of 6th to 8th grade youth with a focus on college and career readiness. In Summer Camp, participants receive support to build and maintain academic and social skills in an effort to prevent summer learning loss. Lastly, in TFS’ Parent Engagement Program, parents participate in year round engagement activities and events designed to increase their knowledge and skills of youth development and empower them to make use of best practices.

TFS’ afterschool programs include many unique features, such as aligning literacy education with hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) activities to help participants apply math and reading concepts, build exposure to the sciences, and develop critical thinking skills. In addition, technology is infused into many program components, including the use of an instructor-supervised online curriculum that creates customized academic plans for each student, as well as the use of virtual tools to support our middle school students’ development.

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