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Instructional Team

Andrea Taylor

Washington, DC

"I'm passionate and engaged in this work because I want to change lives and take this learning experience by force."

Charlotte Brown

Washington, DC

"Being able to mold the minds of the future is the greatest work."

Daija Mason

Temple Hills, MD

"I love the impact I can leave as well as the things students can teach me. Reach one, Teach one."

Dana Stringer

Washington, DC

"I am engaged and passionate about this work because I love children. I want to see them progress and win."

Delissa White

Washington, DC

"I am passionate and engaged in this work because I had many professional and positive role models coming up and now I can give back to help children in the same way or more."

Derek Williams

Capitol Heights, MD

"The scripture “a child shall lead”, holds so much weight; because it is a child who hasn’t yet been tainted by the cruelties of life. That untainted mind is what I take pride in protecting and feeding all that it needs to know in order to be a contributing adult to society."

Doneisha Owensby

Washington, DC

"I'm passionate about this line of work because I believe that children are the future."

Kanedra Wilkins

Washington, DC

"I'm passionate about working with kids because I want to make a difference in the world and it has to start with kids."

Kayla Allen-King

Clinton, Maryland

"I'd like to provide a stable environment for our students to thrive and learn. It takes a team effort."

Macobi Washington

Washington, DC

"I'm not just a teacher, but a source of inspiration. I make sure each child is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and extra care they need to meet their goals. At The Fishing School, we excel beyond expectations. I am proud to be apart of the team."

Marie Price

Suitland, MD

"I enjoy teaching and helping children become successful young men and women in a safe environment."

Melody Riddick

Washington, DC

"When I was growing up, I had teachers who were nice and who I felt connected to which made me want to share my experience with other children when I was their age."

Qushawn Gillespie

Washington, DC

"I am passionate and engaged in this work because I would love to play a role in helping our future leaders succeed in life and I want to be an example for my daughter."

Shaquan Dawson

Washington, DC

"My passion is to help others and for me it starts with the youth of our future. You have to understand to be understood."

Tadjanique Phillips

Washington, DC

"I am passionate about working with kids and trying to help shape young people to guide them down a positive path for their and our futures."

Tenika Barnett

Washington, DC

"I believe with proper guidance and support, all things are possible."

Tiffany Walker

Washington, DC

"I'm passionate about working with TFS because TFS offers children of the community a positive and extended learning opportunity out-of-school time."

Zaakiya Chase

Upper Marlboro, MD

"I am excited to make a positive impact on young children's lives."

Cyerra Wheeler

Washington, DC

"I've always benefited from having a community of people behind me and beside me in addition to having my family. I'd like to be the community for the students we are serving"