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Ashley Major

Washington, DC

"I believe I'm passionate in the work because I'm all about bringing positivity and happiness in a child's life and I want to encourage them to be the best that they can be."

Brittany Wiggins

Washington, DC

"I have an immense love of children as they embody all the possibilities of the future. Working for this organization gives me the opportunity to make a positive impact in a child's life. Also, as an aspiring writer, I have a deep appreciation for the creative nature of children which is always inspiring."

Cierra Saunders

Washington, DC

"I am passionate and engaged in this work because I enjoy working with younger children and helping them succeed with their growth and development in this world!"

Miracle Verner

Hyattsville, MD

"I love to give the children a better education that what I had growing up to better equip them for the future."

Roneka Stringer

Washington, DC

"I am passionate about this work because I enjoy giving back to my community, such as helping kids succeed in whatever they want to do in life. I love being a positive influence!!"

Sharnette Jones

Washington, DC

"I am passionate and engage with being an educator because when I was a child there wasn't a village for me to be a part of so when I became an adult, I created one."

Symone Wharton

Madison, WI

"I thoroughly enjoy inspiring youth and engaging them in positive ways to express themselves."

Tamika Daniels

Washington, DC

"I've had a passion to work with children since I became an adult. I would love to be involved in child growth to success."

Girum Barkie

Hyattsville, MD

"My purpose is to influence children."

Patricia Boxley

Summerfield, MD

"I am passionate about working with children because my goal is to become an elementary school special education teacher."

Cannel Cole

Forest Heights, MD

"Throughout my college career, I have joined organizations that have place a very high value in being involved with the community. This has furthered my love and interest in paying it forward where I see fit."

Tametrice Everett

Washington, DC

"I love inspiring the youth."

Tiesha Gleaton

Washington, DC

"I am passion about this work because children need to feel like they can trust someone, they need to feel like they have someone who has their best interest and someone who wants to and is willing to listen and try to understand."

Cato Johnson

Washington, DC

"I enjoy the energy from the children while learning."

Latisha Jones

Washington, DC

"I am driven to help others thrive and succeed."

DeAngelo March

Washington, DC

"'In Youth We Trust.'" Our youth are the future, therefore we must prepare them to be great."

Baquetta Parks

Washington, DC

"I love to make a positive difference in a child's life."

Stephanie Reed

Atlanta, GA

"I look forward to engaging with every last child."

Corinne Sampson

Washington, DC

"I am a product of DCPS, and I am honored to be able to give back."

Tyeresa Shaw

Washington, DC

"I am passionate and engaged about this work because it makes me happy to know that I was a part of the growth of the children."

LaMarione Shepard

Kansas City, MO

"I love this type of work because I love to see our children win in life."

Reginald Shepherd

Washington, DC

"I love working with children because they are our future."

Shantis Simms

Oxon Hill, MD

"I love to implement my knowledge into helping children's learning and developmental skills."

Doniece Turner

Washington, DC

"It is very rewarding to see a child apply what they learned from me in the real world."

Cyerra Wheeler

Washington, DC

"I've always benefited from having a community of people behind me and beside me in addition to having my family. I'd like to be the community for the students we are serving"