The Fishing School

The Fishing School

TFS Alumni

Calling all TFS Alumni and Parents!

“Life could have been very different had I not gone to The Fishing School, but I try not to think about that. I just know it kept me out of trouble and was a good thing for my family and me. I volunteer there whenever I get a chance because it’s so close to my heart.”
—Kevin Allen, alumnus

We are reaching out to our alumni and their parents for updated contact information.  If you are a TFS alum or alumni parent, we invite you to stay updated on TFS achievements and progress, receive event invitations, and stay connected with one another.

Opportunities for TFS Alumni and Parents

  1. Network: Meet other TFS alumni, alumni parents, Board members, and Executive Leadership Council members at TFS functions and events.
  2. Volunteer: Change the lives of current students by helping them succeed.
  3. Support: Make TFS a philanthropic priority, and give back to your community.
  4. Connect: Stay in touch with other TFS alumni, alumni parents, and your teachers.

Goals for the TFS Alumni and Parents

  1. Engage TFS alumni and families in our progress and current work.
  2. Increase number of consistent volunteers and role models for TFS students.
  3. Increase visibility of TFS in the Washington, DC community.
  4. Promote community and brand identity within and beyond TFS.
  5. Continue TFS’ financial success through philanthropy.

To share your alumni news or inquire about ways to reconnect with TFS, please contact Christopher Anuzis.