The Fishing School

The Fishing School

Fostering Creativity

Designed to boost self-confidence, foster creativity, promote physical activity, and teach team building, our clubs are an integral component of our programming. The Fishing School offers our students choices in order to empower them to take on a sense of responsibility for their own learning and to promote ownership. Clubs include DIY, Fitness, Theater & Tech, and Sports.

Participants in DIY (Do It Yourself) Club engage in a number of enriching crafts projects, art projects, scavenger hunts, nature/outdoors activities, and science experiments. The DIY Club consists of five units, and the academic components of this club include culture, history, science, math, art, and engineering. Students focus on the concept of re-purposing and learn to brainstorm new uses of common items. Through the activities, students learn how to transform common household items and things found in nature into art or something useful. They also explore inventions and outdoor environments and improve their awareness, reasoning, and observational skills.

For more information about The Fishing School and to get involved, please visit, or call (202) 399-3618.

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