The Fishing School

The Fishing School

Importance of Evaluation

TFS is committed to rigorous outcome and output measurement and evaluation across all program platforms.  In pursuit of this goal, TFS works with an external evaluator, Stillmeadow Benchmark Associates, and uses advanced evaluation tools to track participant achievement and evaluate impact.  TFS analyzes evaluation results to provide regular reports supporting ongoing program delivery refinement.  This includes completion of pre and post-tests and/or surveys and monitoring and tracking by staff and our external evaluator.  For the children enrolled in the program, this also includes ongoing academic achievement evaluation through the use of web-based, diagnostic software such as i-Ready; enrollment and attendance; parent participation; student social and emotional assessment tools; observational data; and student, parent, and staff surveys.  TFS also works to ensure fidelity to its program and logic models through analysis of staff credentials, training outcomes, activity delivery, and stakeholder surveys.

TFS utilizes a proprietary tracking and evaluation database called City Span, which is incorporated into the project’s data management plan.  Senior management staff reviews data from this system on an ongoing basis and uses it to improve program implementation and model fidelity as needed.  TFS also uses i-Ready, which provides real-time performance data and is used to customize student instructional plans.

The Fishing School (TFS) continually and purposefully measures every aspect of its performance, and it actively invites appraisals of its work by a number of outside observers.  It does this for two key reasons:

First, TFS believes it has an obligation to the 400+ students it serves every day to constantly improve its programs and services.  Never content to reach a plateau or simply repeat what it has done in the past, TFS is committed to exceeding all expectations and giving these children every possible advantage.

Second, TFS knows that its supporters deserve a full accounting of the use and effect of their contributions.  This is true for the parents, volunteers, and tutors who contribute their time and energies as well as the individuals and organizations who contribute their funding and in-kind assistance.

Just as important as measuring (and thereafter improving) its overall organizational performance, TFS also measures the performance of every one of its students.

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