The Fishing School

The Fishing School

Reaching Out

TFS’ afterschool program is offered, free of charge, to all 1st through 5th graders enrolled in our partner schools. Unlike some OST providers, we do not have a selection criteria or eligibility requirements for students and families. We accept students on a first come, first serve basis until we have reached capacity.

TFS recruits youth through our partner schools and the DCPS Office of Out-of-School Time Programs (OST). TFS afterschool program materials are included in the school registration packets, which provide program information and registration/orientation dates. These sessions, held over several days prior to school opening and during the first few weeks, provide parents with detailed information about the nature of our program, as well as ways parents/guardians can become involved. In addition, TFS works with school Principals to post information on the school’s social media outlets and send registration dates to parents using the school’s automated call function.

To date, TFS has been successful in enrolling students at all of our partner schools. In the past two years we have absorbed nearly all students registered for afterschool at more than one of our partner schools; eliminating the need for a waiting list. We retain students through our high quality programming and personal contact with parents. Our innovative Cohort Model also addresses retention through its multi-year focus, which helps build family relationships over time to further reinforce our attendance expectations. As needed, we deploy our instructional team to help make reminder calls to parents and support school outreach efforts.

In the past three years, DCPS has required all afterschool participants to complete their registration form in addition to that of partnering organizations. The new, online form, has been a point of frustration for some parents. TFS has started to work with parents in the early spring to assist them in completing both the DCPS and TFS registration form. By working with our parents we are helping returning students secure their spot in the afterschool program.

For more information about The Fishing School and to get involved, please visit, or call (202) 399-3618.

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