The Fishing School

The Fishing School

Unique Features of TFS Programs

Few programs of a similar nature in the Washington, DC area generate the strong programmatic outcomes or have the holistic, long-term program model offered by TFS.  TFS was recognized by OSSE as a leader in out-of-school time (OST) programming in DC, as it achieved the best outcomes among OSSE-funded OST programs in 2013 and was designated a “best practice model.”

TFS’ programs are long-term, as lasting transformation is encouraged through multiple years of daily service.  Our programs are embedded in host schools and run year-round. They incorporate a high level of technology in both student activities and program evaluation, including student exposure to web-based, adaptive diagnostic curriculum tools.  Our model is comprehensive, addressing a variety of subject areas—from STEAM subjects to college/career support—and is not selective in its recruitment.  TFS invests heavily in ongoing program evaluation and data-tracking, enabling ongoing improvement and constant refinement.

Most importantly, our Cohort Model makes a long-term commitment to each student and supports them with an individualized educational plan leading them through critical developmental benchmarks.  We couple this continuum with a focus on parent engagement, forming a two-generational approach to community development that is currently emerging as one of the most widely accepted and effective models in the industry.  TFS has multiple years of experience implementing this model, providing us with more evaluative returns to inform our ongoing program enhancement efforts.

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